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“Words, words, words…”

April 25, 2013

(As Hamlet once said.)

There are SAT/ACT/GRE words (e.g., refulgent, furtive, supernumerary, vainglory, et al), and then, well… then there are WORDS.

Noli-me-tangeretarian – rigid, unbending
Clodpolish – awkward
Uxorial – extreme doting on a wife
Ideophobia – fear of ideas
Autophobia – fear of oneself or of being alone
Galuptious – terrific, superb, wonderful
Iatramella – medical negligence
Sternutation –sneezing
Sesquipedalian – big word
Paramnesia – confusion between remembering real and imagined events
Shend – to injure or criticize
Transmogrify – to change into an odd or absurd form
Wallydrag – the runt or youngest of the litter
Sideration – sudden and unexplainable sickness
Ondoyant – wavy, pertaining to a wavy surface

These words lead me to the following, which will be surreptitiously added to SIATSIA in the immediate future.

My autophobia remains noli-me-tangeretarian
leaving me ironically stuck alone with nothing other
clodpolish ideophobia.
I had to
escape the uxorial laments
of my sesquipedalian-loving partner.
He does this to keep me happy,
yes, I know.
But I had to get away.
To foolishly shend him yet again
for his uxorial ways
would be as unfair today
as it was yesterday.
And the day before…
It had seemed like a galuptious idea
at the time,
which doesn’t make my ideophobia
any less omnipresent.
Now, here and alone,
my paramnesia creeps up on me –
What is real?
What is not?
My repetitive sternutation
is a sure sign of my augmenting panic.
My ragged breathing and unstable motions
give rise to my queasy stomach –
a ship rolling on ondoyant seas.
This sideration is not really
all that unexpected or
all that inexplicable…
I am alone.
I am afraid of ideas.
I don’t know how to return.


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