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tonight’s tarot reading

May 5, 2013

having had a lot on my mind recently to the point ofbeing distracted enough to fall down a set of steps and also drop a paving stone on my foot today, I decided to do a long overdue tarot reading when I arrived back home tonight. It was an odd reading… telling me some of what I already know, and yet providing a disappointing conclusion, as per usual. I’d doubt the accuracy of such readings except that I quit reading others’ cards more than a decade ago due to my uncanny but negative accuracy. Tonight was no exception. Everything ends in bitter defeat. I am disappointed. I had such hopes. Then again, my tarot work offers only spiritual guidance, not fortune telling. My work is only designed to frame the outcome of a question given the current, past, and near future events. Still, my intentions are gold, but will be never enough. Just hate, waste, and failure.Time to sleep it off and uhhersomesleepm


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