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dear world, eff you

May 19, 2013

I spent a week finding goodness in everything, even in the shittiest of situations.

Then I ran out of painkillers.

I am not amused.

I am in a shit ton of pain.

I am behind on a shit ton of work.

I have a lot of personal garbage that I’ve been working hard to avoid.

Running out of pain killers means having to face all of that.

So I’ve refilled my prescription, taken my scheduled dose, and have retreated to my bedroom with the hopes of not having to say another word for the rest of the goddamned day.

The world is full of shitty people and shitty diseases.

Dear ex boyfriends, I don’t care if you have each found someone new. Why do you feel compelled to tell me?

Dear local, national, and world politics, just Fuck you, Okay?

Dear  health insurance companies, blow me.

Dear everyone, look. I’m not a nice person. The reality is that I, Twig Anthony, am a real piece of shit. You can expect that most everything I say is just so I can make it through another day as peacefully as possible.

From now on, I depend on me only. I will not be let down again. I need nothing from anyone else that I cannot provide for myself.


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