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SIATSIA Excerpt 6

May 22, 2013

80s Night – I Know What Love Is, May 22nd 2009

a little catching up is required here to preface all of this:

1. i’m drunk. surprise. surprise.

2. my lab partner, in addition to dealing, makes a fine fake id.

3. danny, tim, and i busted into 80s night at a club downtown (er, one of the nearby neighborhoods, at least) with (metaphorical) guns blazing (incidentally, how exactly DO guns blaze, anyway, in a literal sense?).

fake ids are a fine, fine invention.

tim stood off in a corner, insisting that he doesn’t dance, and danny spent a lot of time trying to coax him out, so i was on my own. figure, i’m not there to impress anyone, so it doesn’t matter what i do. drank a lot of wine, i think, but didn’t spill it, and just danced danced danced. i kind of felt out of place, like, i’m not some hipster/emo/goth kid, and it’s like some people get REALLY into it all. i guess maybe either i don’t get the 80s or i don’t get 2009. doesn’t matter, i was just there to drink and laugh and dance.

so while danny was off trying to convince tim(my) that he should just loosen up and dance, i went forth and attempted to bust a move. it wasn’t so slick, but still… i guess some kid thought i was something special. it was weird. i was dancing by myself, and i felt these eyes on me – and there’s this tall goth kid just staring me down and watching me. it creeped me out for a second, and then i just thought, “jochen. this guy is like a 20-something jochen.”

i wasn’t paying attention to him or anything, but i just kept looking up to see if he was still watching – and he always was. he stayed on the other side of the dance floor, but he was watching. i went to get water for me and drinks for d. and t., and BAM, son is THERE, behind me, wedging his way right next to me at the bar, annoyingly getting his drink before me, probably because he was way taller (a separate rant, perhaps?). and yeah, he was fucking gorgeous. i loved jochen once, and when i see someone who reminds me of him, my heart tugs at the memory of him. i tried to smile. stared at my melting cup of ice then.

“having fun?” he asked me.

“yeah, sure.”

“you don’t dance to all the songs.”

“not the ones that suck, no.”

“but you like to dance.”

“yeah. why come here if you don’t?”

“eye candy.”


“yeah, eye candy.”

*i say nothing, just raise my eyebrows.*

“like, well, you.”

“wow. i’m ‘eye candy’? i’ve been stumbling around trying not to spill anything and i’m ‘eye candy’? wow.”

*goth boy grins at me, the same way i’ve seen bryan grin at me when he knows he’s going in for the kill.* “yeah.”

“well, wow. i’ve never been eye candy. hang on, i need to get a drink.”

(okay, i’m a really huge jerk, but i know how to rip the system…)

“what are you drinking?”

“heh. double fisting. two gin and tonics, water, ya know…”

*bartender asks tall goth boy what he wants even though i’ve been there longer, gr*

“two gin and tonics, and a pabst.”

“you drink PABST? really????”

“it’s cheap.”

“mine aren’t.”

“no worries. i got it.” *another wicked smile here from goth boy*

“well, gee, thanks… i, um, also have a boyfriend.”

and i forked out the money for tim and danny’s drinks. goth boy still paid, as i suspected he would. but i told him. i didn’t lie, except that they weren’t my drinks. and, ah, for all the things in that kid that reminded me of jochen, i just kept thinking, “i wish b. was here. he’d really have fun dancing here.”


he was hot. but b. is hotter. and i love him. i won’t mess around with love, because who knows when you get another chance at something like b. and me. i love b. and some goth boy eying me up and buying me a round of drinks won’t change my commitment to him in the least.

so there.


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