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Twig Anthony vs. Eyewear

June 7, 2013

Subtitle: I am no longer allowing myself to shop without supervision (no pun intended).
Subtitle 2: Twig Anthony: 0, Eyewear: 5

I have a different color, but you get the idea.

I have a different color, but you get the idea.

Here’s the thing. Every time, and I mean EVERY time, that I walk into the eyewear shop here, I end up with a new pair.

Today, I was only going to pick up the pair I had just purchased a few weeks before my accident a month ago (which I promptly ruined in said accident and had to have replaced). The store was busier than I expected for early Friday afternoon, and there’s a trunk show on. Damn. I grab a pair of square red and orange glasses. I try them on. I’m in love. It’s the pair I’ve been searching for and thought I’d never find. I’m obsessed. I try to resist buying them. I even left my wallet in the car, as if it would help.

A couple of women shopping in the store stop to watch me, and they tell me I have to buy them. I hate when that happens. I frown. They tell me, “No. Really. You MUST buy them.”  Damn. Double damn. I stare at my reflection. I smirk. And then I cave. I retrieve my wallet from the car and hand over my credit card in exchange for the promise of frames from theo eyewear’s limited edition STHEREO collection.

This makes the fifth pair of glasses I’ve purchased in two years. It’s an addiction. I can’t help it. I need counseling or something. The employees know me by name. Maybe this pair will satisfy my obsession, but it’s honestly unlikely.

Here’s my justification, anyway: I can’t wear contacts. I’d rather hide behind glasses anyway. But if that’s how it’s going to be, then I’m going to buy badass frames every chance I can get. Someday, I might even leave the house for more than an hour so people can see me in them, but that’s unlikely, too.


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