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Feeling the love

June 15, 2013

Today I ran all over creation after cleaning the house (yes, I can clean when properly motivated). In my running around, I stopped by a coffeehouse at which I used to work on the other side of the city to surprise a little boy (now nearly a grown young man) I haven’t seen in years who, I’m told, had been asking about me. He took my order and I greeted him by name. He was all, “Do you I know you?” So I took off my sunglasses and grinned at him, and THEN he recognized me and freaked out.

Really. He was ecstatic to see me. Other than animals, I don’t think I’ve ever had someone so excited to see me. He couldn’t even remember his drink order because he was so gobsmacked. It was incredibly sweet. When I was standing in line, I was thinking, “I’m going to look really stupid. I come here to surprise him, and I’m all nervous, and I’m going to get up to the counter and he’s not even going to give a damn.” I’m so glad he was thrilled. It really made my day to make him smile. He was swamped with a line of customers, so I’m going to head back tomorrow so we can chat and catch up. I have to head back to that side of the city anyway, and frankly, that place makes the best chai tea latte around. Take that, Starbucks (theirs is, actually, my second favorite, but by a looooooong shot).

I honestly had no idea I had made such an impression on him so many years ago. He used to sit behind the counter while I worked and talk to me (his parents own the shop). He was just a tiny little thing, precocious as all get out, talking about random things that crossed his mind that he wondered about. Now he’s six feet tall with long hair pulled back from his face with a headband. He’s all grown up. He exclaimed, “We HAVE to talk!” which is kind of uber adorable because I look at him and still just see that tiny little kid talking to me, not the grown man he’s become. It’s so nice to see he’s lost none of his sweetness. He’s a good kid. His parents raised him (and all his siblings, also) well.

Seeing him so happy put me in a really cheery mood, despite ridiculous traffic. I nearly had my bubble burst, however, at the pharmacy while grabbing a prescription; another customer in front of me was being an absolute jerk to the pharmacy techs. I was at the counter beside them, and just when he walked away, I looked at the tech who had been helping him most recently, a woman about my age, and said loudly enough for the jerk to hear, “You are an absolute saint.” I’m sure it really pissed him off, but what was he going to do, swing at me in the store? Yeah right. I’d have had him on the floor in a second.

As I was completing my own transaction, the tech came up to me and thanked me a second time for my support. “Nothing of it,” I told her. “I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.” That dude was needing put in his place, and the techs sure as hell weren’t allowed to do it, so I did, albeit subtly. I would have taken him on right to his face if he wanted to come at me, though. Doing what I did is more offensive than just calling him a jerk to his face. What I did makes it clear that he is a nothing, that I don’t care if he hears me praise the techs for their patience and unfailing kindness. Likely, he will be like all the other jerkfaces of the world, who take such experiences as justification that the world is out to get them instead of learning from their experience and thinking, “Gee, maybe I was wrong to be so mean.” Bad shit comes to people with bad attitudes, and so they become self fulfilling prophecies. You want to know why you never get your way? You want to know why no one likes you? Because you’re. a. jerk.

Let this be a lesson. Don’t be a dick, especially not in public. The Twig Anthonys of the world may be in line behind you, ready to get snarky on your miserable ass as needed. I am a very shy person. I don’t speak up for myself much. But I’d like to think that I never see someone else being bullied and just let it go. Hell no.

Good deeds done for the day.


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