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Lack of writing: A brief apology

June 30, 2013
I'm not broken. I'm just otherwise engaged.

I’m not broken. I’m just otherwise engaged. Yeah. That’s it.

I decided I needed a little break from SIATSIA and Bloodflowers, so I apologize for the lack of posts. I have been focusing instead on writing some new music, creating jewelry, and painting. (And slooooooowly reading The Book of Mormon.)

I’ve spent some time avoiding a good deal of shitty reality AND fiction, basically, which is sort of impressive when you think about it.

I made a godawful post  on my personal facebook page today which I’m regretting. Being Twig isn’t always easy. Twig doesn’t want to hide and hold back. At the same time, there’s nothing that should be worth saying. Twig probably needs a shitload of therapy.

Damnit. I’m having a really bad day.

Gender identity can bite my big old ass. The point of being Twig is being neither male nor female. It simply doesn’t matter. Except… it does.

Have I mentioned that I’m having a really bad day?

feeling a little dark today, twig?

feeling a little dark today, twig?

Beyond whoever I am as a writer, I have always had this horrific hangup with gender identity and the gender continuum. It wouldn’t matter whether I was male or female – I’d still have this hangup. I am obsessed by society’s obsession with gender and sexual preference.

(There’s an entire set of other things I want to get out but can’t. Sometimes there are simply no words.)

I will have new fiction soon. I hope it’s something people look forward to.



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