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PS3: Prepare to Never See Me Again

October 20, 2013

Tonight at a restaurant with my family, a few notable things happened. I might as well start with that which earns this post’s title: my brother bought me a PS3. Woah. It is fairly common knowledge that I absolutely live for watching guys play video games (except sports ones, which is odd since I actually enjoy sports). But I have never been much of a gamer. But in the chaos of my recent friendships and relationships, I’d come to realize I  was going to need to man up and get a gaming system if I want to see Dead Space 3 in action any time soon.

After my best friend moved in with his fiancee on the other side of the city, I was at a loss. My partner at the time played no video games.

So I have to be honest when I say part of what appealed to me about getting back together with TLTL was his love of video games. #notproud

So my brother’s gift after the fiasco with TLTL was impeccable timing. Granted, Tragedy in Action and I played some wii fit together briefly the other day, and yeah, that was sexy as hell. Still only half awake, he’d strike these highly sexualized poses before taking a swing in golf. Yum.

But I can’t depend on him being willing to indulge my video game voyeur obsession.

I’m sick as hell right now and absolutely useless all the time at connecting hardware, but I managed to do it all successfully. After several installation tasks and software updates, I managed to pull myself away from little big planet two hours later. Then I watched a DVD because it’s the first time I’ve had a dvd player connected to the new tv. Then I started watching 9/11 conspiracy documentaries, in part because pat of me wonders if they’re true, and because a part of me likes to scoff at their poor use of logic and rhetoric. All they seen too care about is pandering to the lowest common denominator… not unlike the Ancient Aliens series.

So yeah, I’m obsessed with the PS3 and its myriad offerings.

In other news, Tragedy in Action and I are goingto an art performance on his birthday. Just us.

Go ahead and tell me again that we aren’t dating.

Oh! The other dinner stuff!

I told the family that I am done with TLTL which was received joyously to the extent that my mother said, “I want you to say ‘he’d dead to me.’ In fact, I want it in blood. YOUR blood.”

She settled for my aunt video taping taping it.

That’s a thing that happened. My dad lectured me for not listening to him in the first place, I criticized the pathetic tiling work in the bathroom, and the service and food were mediocre. (That sentence demonstrates atrocious parallelism, I know.)

Look, we know how to have a good time when we go out. The last time, it was to discuss another aunt’s funeral arrangements when my dad threatened to have two more funerals in the family if I went back to TLTL.

What can I say except we’re classy?

No more TLTL. Ever. And I couldn’t gives two pick led beets about it. The lying fuck can go keeping making everything about him and being a miserable alcoholic.

I had better get my good casserole dish back from him or else… uhoh. I’ll have to go to Wiilliams Sonoma. Damn.

But I also don’t care because My Tragedy in Action is just about the sweetest thing ever. In addition to the tickets to the art performance, I’ve decided to get him toys for his animals. He loves them tremendously, so it’s a safe, but clearly thought out gift.

I’m smitten. Totally and completely.I just keep hoping  that he it’s not damaged beyond repair. He looked at me the other night at dinner and and said, “I’m damaged goods, you know, right?”

“Yes,” I said. “I know. And I’m still here. No life is perfect.”

If we could just restore each other’s faith in love and partnership…  I can’t believe how drawn to him I am. The first night we met,  back when TLTL and I were just getting together this time around, MTIA and I talked for hours. I thought, if I wasn’t trying to work it out with TLTL, I’d be all about this guy. When I got upset about TLTL turning into a complete asshole that same night,he was there, wrapping his jacket around my shoulders to stop me from shivering.

There is something very, very different about MTIA than anyone I’ve ever met previously, and he gives me hope that there could be someone who feels the same way I do about love, and that finds me amazing. I could do the same for him.


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