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A short story idea?

October 31, 2013

For months, I’ve had this version of “Bloodflowers” in my head where Bryan and another character get taken over by an elderly body snatching ghost couple. The trouble is, you know, aside from being body snatched, they’re really quite horrible people. They’re racist, they’re homophobic, they’re just… awful. This elderly couple is just going off about EVERYTHING, but they’re doing it as Bryan and another character, presumably James or TGB, although, in another version still, I can see it being Bryan and Jinny, where the elderly couple make a mistake and jump into bodies of the wrong sex. So you get this asshole of an old bat man spewing misogynistic bullshit from the mouth of an early twenty-something chick, and ridiculously effeminate and obsequious nuances tumbling left and right in everything Bryan does. I dunno. I just realized that I had been thinking about this for months but didn’t realize it. It sounds very silly to me. 


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