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Better Every Day

November 2, 2013

Tonight, in reference to a Facebook post I made the other night, TLTL texts me to ask if it’s him I’m stalking, or if I have a new boy.

“I plead the fifth, but no new boy,” I write back. I decide that I don’t have to disclose anything about MTIA until he and I discuss whether or not we are dating… or if he  blows me off again, it will be a moot point. What I’m going to say to MTIA if TLTL and I ever talk, I don’t know.

He calls me creepy, and I agree.

I wait a beat before adding, “This would be the part where you tell me something sweet and reassuring.”

Twenty minutes pass. I’ve read his messages wrong, I think.  Finally, in response to silence, I write, “Touche.”

“You aren’t creepy,” he says then.

Ah. Too Little Too Late. You never disappoint.

Because then he writes, “I know we still have to talk.”

Yeah, that we do. So I guess it’s really going to be over.

But then he sends more. “But I’m coming straight to your house when I get back in town and I am immediately going to fuck you.”


So I guess I called it with TLTL, too.


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