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The universe is telling me never to try heroin.

November 24, 2013

Today marks the the fourth person dying of a heroin OD in the city that I have either personally known or who was a friend of a friend… in less than five months. This time it was a childhood friend, one of my brother’s best friends. I have not yet told MTIA, whose house I’m currently sitting in (The Crazy-Ass Bitch isn’t home). He’s on his way to an audition  as soon he gets ready, so if I can help it, I’ll tell him afterword. It’s no one he knows, but with losing his best friend the same way  just a few weeks ago… I just shouldn’t say anything. (Of course, I blabbered it right before his audition)

I’m so tired. I’m still emotionally exhausted from Friday night.

Thank God for a short week.

I don’t even have the energy for this right now.

In the car, we talked about TLTL, about The CAB. I learned that he was romantic recently with someone else I know, and I keep thinking, “I want to be the one who finally breaks through his barriers. Me. Us together.” It won’t end that way.

I have to acknowledge that he may be telling the God’s honest truth. He will always remain a whore. He has been telling me about all these people who are interested and it drives me crazy. More than anything, it just hurts to think I’ll lose the only person who gets me.

TAC sent me some new fiction. I suppose I’m supposed to carry the story on fire a while. I’d like to try it tomorrow, actually. It will suck.


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