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Repressed Sexuality Much???

December 9, 2013

Apparently, some guy grabbed MTIA the other night, like groped him, and then tried to kiss him… in a roomful of people! When MTIA pushed him away and put him in his place verbally, the guy said, more or less, “Well, you were pretty much asking for it, acting all gay like you do.”

Acting like what?


What. The. Everliving. Fuck. Does. That. Mean??? I know MTIA. I understand the context – MTIA was not asking for anything, much less to get himself sexually assaulted by a repressed queer bigot. And the best part is that this guy is seriously talking it up about how he was just messing around, that he’s straight, yadda yadda yadda. Because that’s how straight men joke around now, apparently. (Clearly, I know nothing about this.)

So wait. MTIA is SOOOOOOOOO gay that he turns straight men into fags when he walks into a room? That you had to throw yourself at him? And you thought he’d appreciate it that because all gay men will blow anything with a dick that walks upright, huh? I know he’s absolutely gorgeous, and amazing, and talented, but seriously… It’s the same exact bullshit I wrote about in the very first draft of SIATSIA over 15 years ago.


It makes my stomach churn. I wish that I could leap to MTIA’s defense and cold clock that son of a bitch. I wish I could bust the teeth out of every last shitty asshole I see.

So you’re straight, huh? Is that so?

Um… hi… not sure if you caught this, bro, but you just groped a dude’s junk and tried to make out with him. I could be wrong (I’m not), but I’m pretty sure that’s not straight. Unless your trans, of course, and honey, you’re not. If you want to be a manwhore, go on with your bad self. But don’t try to hide behind your dubious sexuality and then blame your assault on the guy you attacked. As someone once said, and God I wish I could remember who, that dude is “gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide.” But, you know, MTIA is the faggot here. Clearly. WTF.

But I think my favorite part of this disgusting situation has to be that BROseph here has “gay friends” coming to his defense, also saying that MTIA was asking for it. And they’re saying, “As a gay friend of so-and-so, I can attest that you were asking for it.” Are you kidding me? You speak for the entire LGBTQ community? Who the fuck do you think you are? And WHY are you friends with Broseph McAssGrab?! Why the hell would you come to the defense of anyone who sexually assaults someone IN FUCKING PUBLIC and uses the faulty logic that gay equates to asking for it and that it can’t be sexual assault if it’s a straight guy getting up on another guy. I keep shaking my head, trying to clear the cobwebs from my brain… something must be clouding my brain, obviously, because I just can’t figure out how this logic would ever make sense – and that enough people either didn’t realize what was going on or agree with the same effed up logic that no one stopped it. What the hell?

Bro, you are a dyed in the wool FAGGOT. You heard me. A FAGGOT. And coming from a huge fag, that doesn’t say much for you. Go ahead and keep “making jokes” (aka sexually assaulting other men), you piece of shit. Someday, you’ll lay your repressed queer hands on the wrong dude, and you’ll get what’s coming to you…

because, you know, you were pretty much asking for it.

I wish I hadn’t been able to find examples of other gay men being assaulted by “straight” men.

I hate life a little more every goddamned day.



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