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THAT did NOT go well.

December 25, 2013

In a text where I finally flipped my lid when MTIA accused me of using him as a rebound, I replied with “Do you have a fucking clue how much I love you?” I called him out on the condom. I asked for the painting back.

And because I’m the worst secret keeper in history, TLTL found out it was MTIA I hadn’t been “keeping company with.” And that it was more than once. And that it made MTIA and I liars. And me  whore. “Way to go dip your pen in the company ink, Twig,” TLTL told me. Painful, but apt.

It hurts and aches, but for the first time, I’m able to turn off my cellphone so that if in rings in the middle of the night, I don’t get freaked out. Neither has my permanent land line.

Their dissociative behavior is best exemplified when they are drinking – and, well, the usually are. Yeah, screwed up. Forget the times they lied or drank and got mean. None that matters.

There are happy endings here.

I have been the bad guy all alone. I have betrayed TLTL. I failed to heed MTIA’s warnings.

It’s over.

I can now spend the foreseeable future at home without having to step off my property. Maybe longer.

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