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If I could make a book’s dedication today, it would be to… Day 1

January 12, 2014

To TGB, for existing, and for sometimes even being my friend.
To DSSC, because you’ve known me for 17 years and never, ever, given up on me.
To my rockstar friend, for reading version after version.
To my English teachers, both good and bad.
To the people I told in ninth grade that I’d include them in my very first dedication; I’m sorry that I can’t find the list of your names. I’ll keep looking for that notebook.
To TAC, for always being such a badass and for believing that I am one, too.
To the herd, because you let me use you as pillows and/or body warmers when I’m typing late at night.
To my mother and father, because you’ve always given me your support, even when you thought it might kill you.
To the photographer; I miss you, buddy.
To my paranormal and marijuana expert, because I will never get to play another game of pedital with you, and because I don’t get to tell you that I think of you every time I drive. I should have been there for you, brother.
To my high school Spanish teacher, for imparting upon me your sense of style and individuality.
To my brother, for allowing me to buy the blue leather boots, even though it’s a shitty coping mechanism.

Also, today TLTL bailed on me again. Specifically, he just never bothered to contact me until I cracked a joke at 6pm about not making it in time for our planned brunch. TLTL strikes again.

During the course of the day, I have listened more closely than I should have to the lyrics of “Funky Cold Medina” and “Little Red Corvette.” I am disappointed in myself for liking both songs a little more as a result.

I replaced one Hawksley Workman song stuck in my head with another (see below). Hawksley Workman, you astound me. I wish that MTIA loved me as much as either of us love you. It will be a while before I can listen to Workman or T-Rex.

I watched a love story and I didn’t cry. Granted, it was Warm Bodies, but it counts. This is progress.

I still have no feeling in part of my right leg where I got bitten a couple weeks ago. I do hope it comes back eventually. I do hope I never get bitten again. I need someone in my life who can help me train my beasts without getting myself seriously broken in the process, or who can at least call 911 right away.


Oh, yes, and to my therapist, for recommending that I write a dating add for myself to discuss what I want, need, expect, and so on. I find this to be an amusing creative writing project, though it will serve no purpose otherwise.

This is not a funny post.

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