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February 10, 2014

I owe no one an apology. I told tltl I’d had enough. I told him I love him, but that doesn’t make it right. I said maybe we should give up. He said, “I don’t know.” And then said that giving up is my solution to everything.

Eff you, bro.

I am currently working 90 hours a week, hence the silence. Oh, and withdrawal from drugs has been a bitch, too. Eff you. It’s my fault he groped me while he was shit faced and I shot him down? It’s my fault I don’t want to build a family with an alcoholic?


When I said, “okay, what’s your solution?” He didn’t have one. And then never wrote back.

Fight for me like a man, you dumb Fuck.

This weekend, I’m lighting mtia’s possessions on fire, except for maybe a couple beastie boys albums that I only have on tape. There are limits.

Free agent, twig. That’s me. I want nothing. From no one. Game over.

Good luck with your corroding livers and dying alone, you faggots. Clearly, you’ll never have the guts to man up, and so you’re faggots. Not for being gay, because you know, that’s kind of crucial, but because you are whiny little dicks.


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