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plot gap? nah.

July 12, 2014

Today was too be the day I would see MTIA face to face for the first time in more than six months.

Wasn’t that supposed to be weeks ago? Well, yeah, but then my car got broken into, and then the next week I forgot. So this week, I dread the meeting for days.

I show up at or meeting place, and I’m the only one there. Eventually, some other people walk in, and I’m thinking, two trannies, a dyke, and Twig walk into a bar…

Here’s the punchline: twig sits down awkwardly and gives the best, “I’m genuinely excited to be here” face possible. I suspect it isn’t convincing, because later, when our fearless leader  confirms my role as referee in our sketch comedy group, she says, “I’m going to text that to MTIA right now so he can see we are getting things done and because he likes you.” She paused then, and stuttered. “I mean, not that he LIKES you likes you. Uh, crap. Not that he doesn’t like you like you. I wouldn’t know.”

I must have just been staring at her. Her (slightly bearded) girlfriend chimed in quickly with a grin: Well that got awkward fast.”

Crap, indeed. headdesk. Wtf. Fml and all the other text lingo the kids use these days.

This all has me confused beyond reason. I can’t speculate as to whether that was entirely random or if there’s been discussion about me circulating. We can be friends if we can forgive each other. Is there a how to guide available anywhere teaching people how to make themselves emotionally unavailable? I need to get my hands on that right quick.

I suspect I’ll get some sort of explanation email from MTIA about why he suddenly couldn’t make the meeting, but then again, I might not. So far, my predictions have been spot on. Maybe I ought to write the end of our story together, one with a happy ending… maybe everything falls into place after this comedy of errors in that version.

I am the author after all.

And history is written by the victors.

This victor will prance around on stage as an actor, and hopefully people will laugh come our first performance in the fall. Yeah, they will. It will be great!

Victory. Not vengeance.

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