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fast car and baseball: dating remix

August 27, 2014

Because I didn’t learn my lesson about dating more than one guy at a time when I was hooking up with TLTL and MTIA, history is doomed to repeat itself.

Everything is, of course, fine with Baseball.

But things are also fine with a new guy, hereafter Fast Car (FC),with whom I decided to go on a date  after I thought I had blown it with Baseball.

Both are seemingly good guys. Both are smart and wicked funny, gainfully employed, own houses. But while I’m trying to make a smart decision here, I feel like I’m digging myself into a hole much like I did with MTIA and TLTL. On the plus side, I am not sleeping with either of them. So it isn’t like I’m ENTIRELY repeating the same mistakes.

Instead, I revel in the small, sweet interactions: We hold hands, we kiss softly, and in the case of Fast Car, cuddle happily on his couch or mine while watching ridiculous movies or cartoons. FC and I talk every day, and have done so for the past two weeks. In that time, we’ve gone on four dates. I know that FC struggles with depression, and he knows that I struggle with chronic, widespread pain.

Both guys are allergic to cats.

For this reason alone, I tell myself, I should walk away. But… what if I shouldn’t?

Baseball, I’ve determined, wears nice shoes. FC seems to live in a pair of sandals that I will forever associate with competitive swimming because they were THE sandals to own due to their convenience and comfort during meets, practice, showering. I can’t blame him for loving them. I never owned a pair, though, because my MO has always been to run around barefoot when at all possible (ironic, given my obsession with shoes). I have yet to see him wear another pair other than the sandals.

Both guys seem to thrive on wearing plaid shorts, which amuses me to no end. They are each adorable in entirely unique ways.

I do not know either well enough to commit to a relationship.

People date, right? There’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing, or so I’m told. Still, I feel that I’m being disingenuous.

At least I’m not being a complete slut for a change.

Tonight, FC and I are going out for dinner. Saturday, Baseball and I are going to a baseball game (go figure). Next week or shortly thereafter, FC leaves for a month or two for work.

I’m in a quandry here.

I hate dating.

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