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Well done, FastCar

October 26, 2014

FastCar left work at 1am and drove home 8 hours. Halfway home, he texted me to see what my plans were for the day. So he went without sleep and we tromped around a furniture store being wildly inappropriate and loud. I was supposed to have Sunday dinner with my family, but because we kept getting hopelessly lost in the store, I called and told them I wouldn’t make it. They offered leftovers, met FastCar, and then he and I went back to his place, gobbled down dinner, put together a piece of furniture, and then watched the boxes burn in his fire pit.

So he did come straight to me after all. Went without sleep to spend time with me, and find little ways to make contact with me. It’s hard to believe that he’ll only be home five days before leaving again and sad that I will be working 15 hour days for three of them. I can still find a way tio make time for him, though it will mean getting up even earlier to work out, get work done, and middle through the actual work days.

I’m so glad he’s home. We were just filled with things to ramble about for hours on end, constantly interrupting one another with completely random shit.

And at some point during shopping, even though we were looking for furniture for his place, and even though we’re not a “couple,” the word “we” was bandied about more than a few times on each our parts: we could go with, we could get, we could try… And I was none too shy to throw in my opinions on things, despite it not being my furniture at all. I find the natural flow of  “we” to be  an interesting nuance of dating rhetoric. I had that with GymRat, too, but I’m going to choose to ignore that and focus on the awesomeness that was my with FastCar.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better day, except that I should have reached out and grabbed his hand. In the car, in the store, whatever. Next time.

FastCar is entirely the opposite of disappointing. I want a  serious relationship with him.

There, I said it.

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