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Online Dating: Round 3

November 26, 2014

(ETA, 11.26.14: Just found this in the vaults, and thought I had posted it… apparently not. I often wonder how Baseball is doing. I hope he found a great partner. But yeah, this is from July.)

Last night, I went on a date. And it was FUN. And it wasn’t with Ro.

I figured things were going particularly well when he came back from the bathroom at the bar and put his hand on the small of my back. I didn’t try to hide my grin, nor did I try to cover up my girlish giggling as we stood at my car kissing goodnight. He is awfully cute, and there seems to be real chemistry between us. I’m finding myself at a loss for words, actually.

Somehow, I completely forgot to look at his shoes. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hung up on shoes. Last night, at least, I wasn’t. I was far more interested in his plaid shorts, punk band t-shirt, and baseball hat and how refreshingly laid back he was. I suspect his shoes were nice, but I’ll still take a cursory glance to make sure when we go out over the weekend. Our plans are tentative, but we are both in agreement that we dig each other.

So I’ll try to put MTIA out of my head, remembering that I don’t want to be in love with someone so emotionally unstable. He did, however, email me yesterday, as I expected he eventually would, to explain his absence on Saturday. At least he felt he owed me an explanation, I guess. Call me flattered.

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