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So this little nugget is from November of last year… I was very, very drunk, apparently.

April 20, 2015

The other day while chatting over coffee, TLTL held up has hand and showed it to me. “I cut myself,” he said.?

? A

“I see that, I replied with a nod. There was a sma

ll cut on his index finger, likely a paper cut “What happened?”

“I wanted to see if I could still feel,” he deadpanned.

We both laughed. Hahaha. Haha. Ha.

Before the first sketch comedy performance, a group of us was gathered  at MTIA’s house, and we were trying too scratch a making off a prop. “Do you have any razor blades?” I asked the CAB.

MTIA didn’t miss a beat. “Razor blades in this house? I buy t

hem in mother fucking BULK.” He laughed, and the others laughed. I didn’t laugh. MTIA didn’t notice or he didn’t care, but he did ruin too grab s razor blade to scratch off the logo from the prop.

I recently talked about how it has been nearly a year since I’ve engaged in any sort of self-harm.

Today, that streak ended. The craft stores always have the prettiest sets of knives, and I was having the shittiest day… I couldn’t quite stop myself, and I didn’t care enough to do so.

A stranger told me today, “You are an odd sort of individual.” What am I supposed to do with that information? And why did he feel so compelled to tell me that? Am I not supposed to be bothered by being reminded that I don’t fit in? Come the fuck on.

A veritable treasure trove of possibilities...

A veritable treasure trove of possibilities…

Why do people say such asinine things like that? I oshould be able to handle by now that they do, but it still hurts even after all these years. Naturally, it didn’t help that i couldn’t force myself to stop thinking about MTIA, and I gave up.

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