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return of the idiot

June 16, 2016

i am the idiot.

apparently MTIA’s ex was so drunk the other night that she didn’t remember asking me out or making out with me.

i’m pretty sure that’s a first for me.

You know what, pretty girl?

Fuck you.

This week I’ve had to chase a family member down to make sure he wasn’t jumping off a building. He wasn’t, but he lied to my face about drugs and alcohol. We have a vacation planned soon, and I’m cancelling it.

Because you know what, family member?

Fuck you.

Tonight I went over to MTIA’s to talk about a collaborative art project. I just had six new pieces comissioned and this project would add ten more. We drank a ridiculous amount of wine on the couch, I dragged him to his bedroom, and…nothing. There’s still no love there. Did i think that agreeing to work for him would change that? I guess I did. I didn’t fuck him. But I’m never going back again. If I’m not worth loving, well….

Well, surprise, MTIA:

Fuck you. 

I’m not doing this project for you or any other great fucking idea you have.

TLTL, OF COURSE, has resurfaced, and guess what? His long term relationship is ending.

Fuck you.

And what of FastCar?


I’m out.

Fuck. It. All.

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