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Twig’s Big Day

June 17, 2016

Two bottles of wine with MTIA  left us curled up in his bed, him biting my neck, me pulling his hair. I left somewhere around 4am having recalled his great wish for me to hurt him in bed… But not if it involved commitment.

Today, he texted something too hurtful to fathom, so I officially called off the friendship and, quite obviously, the art collaboaration.

I then spazzed out onFastCar, screamed at my parents, and rejected TLTL’s offers of dick pics to cheer me up.

I  contemplated suicide again, but signed up for okcupid instead.

An you know what? There area couple decent freaks like me on there that might be worth my time of day.

I told my mother that my father has to get his tools out of my house and that I’m going to hire someone to get the work done instead. I love most of my family but I’ve had enough shit.

I’m an ungrateful bastard, I know. My parents have given me so much, but I can’t keep up a stupid facade about who I really am.

So I’m going to take out another loan, get work done on the house, sell it, and disappear.

I am not okay.


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