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Hi, My Name is Twig and I’ve Just Been Stood Up

June 18, 2016

I’m going to hope my “date” wasn’t hit by a bus. God, I just hate when that happens.

But seriously, how does one go from having a perfectly good chat via a dating site where you’re making casual plans for the night and then just… disappear?

However it happens, my response has been to go to the package store, buy a bottle of wine, and start drinking.

Actually, I haven’t started yet. Hang on…

*sips some red*

Ah, there we go.

Maybe I dodged a serial killer or something, I don’t know. But it’s like he just disappeared.

We were in the midst of making arrangements – not a late night, how about we check out this place that has great beer and chat… and mind you, he asked me out. And then… nothing.

He hasn’t seen any of my messages for six hours. Shit, if I had known this was how it was going to play out, I’d have spent an hour longer working out.

I will say, however, that I had a lovely chat with someone last night who I do sincerely hope to hear from again when he returns from a trip. I’m feeling more than a little gullible right now, though, and suspect I’ll never hear from him again.

I’ve also been potentially propositioned to become part of a polyamorous relationship, which, well, could be interesting, if I don’t freak out with jealousy issues. Lord knows I’ve got plenty.

But I do have great respect for relationships with such profound faith and trust, and I do believe they exist. Whether I can exist as part of one is beyond me, but TAC once (or thrice) expounded upon the benefits of polyamory with regard to child rearing, finances, etc. I think it was the first time I had really considered such a unique romantic/family dynamic with any level of seriousness.

I’ve seen successful polyamorous relationships, successful swinger relationships, successful open relationships, but I’ve also seen relationships fail as a result of these romantic encounters. Actually, it might not be fair to say these encounters were the result, but rather the nail in the proverbial coffin. I

But what of FastCar, whom I still love so deeply? Yesterday, he claimed I was pushing him away, which may be fair.
“But how can I not when you don’t love me?”
“But I do love you,” he said.
Confuse me much?

He needs time, he tells me. Time for what? I don’t know, because he won’t effing talk to me about anything, though he assures me he talks to me more than anyone else. That being said, he’s currently hanging out with his jerk of a best friend yet again, so I’m not entirely convinced I can take him at his word.

I have got to get a life.

In my defense, I’m trying now, but got stood up. Still, things don’t seem to be otherwise off to a bad start.

I really hope that poor guy didn’t get hit by a bus.

And that he isn’t a serial killer.


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